Back Broke Music Video goes live globally!

October 8, 2009

After many weeks of revisions and tweaking Back Broke is finally done! Lead Dancer Romi who is also in a recently released video by Kanye West featuring John Legend called “Whatever you want” Romi can be seen at 1:11 seconds. In the Kanye video she is not the feature, but she should have been. Check Romi out as she is featured in the Back Broke video dancing with, around, and over Jr. Pinchers.

Jr. Pinchers a 2nd generation artist from Jamaica is son of the legendary Pinchers from the 80’s. Newly signed to the Indie label Sloppishizzle Records Jr. P is working with the labels foundation producers Twinz Beatz (pictured below)

Twinz Beatz on set with Jr. Pinchers on the set of Back Broke

Twinz Beatz on set with Jr. Pinchers on the set of Back Broke

Jr. P is enjoying his 2nd chart topping single with Back Broke waiting around the corner of the top 10 on the top 25 charts for Richie B’s “The Jamaica’s Music Countdown”, Richie B is host of the Hot Mix on Hot 102FM in Jamaica and his chart is regarded as the Jamaican Billboard before a song crosses over to the top 100 of Billboard Magazine in the States.

The video is filled with hot girls, great visuals and has the creative flare of top tier talent…but wait it does. Juan M & Jaime D from Nativo a creative power house marketing firm out of Miami with offices in Bogota Columbia is one of the driving forces behind the videos over all artistic look. We caught up with Juan and Jaime and asked them how they managed to land a music video, since they are known for their creative work with clients like Pepsi, HBO Latino, among other big name brands.

MFUSA: How did you guys meet Jr. P?
Juan & Jaime: (Juan) We are the marketing arm of Sloppishizzle Records and they asked us to do a photo shoot for a new artist they were going to sign (at the time) and we had such a great vibe doing the photo shoot we told them when they are ready to shoot a video let us know.

MFUSA: Had you shot a video before?
Juan & Jaime: (Juan) No, but… (Jaime) we have always prepared a “Behind the scenes” video for all of our clients and this was just a natural progression. We worked in the “big bad world” of advertising so we both had experience being on set but not as the directors and Jaime and I work so well together that we make up one person when we are together, so directing a music video was just a natural progression for us.

MFUSA: How was the process for you?
Juan & Jaime: (Jaime) we brought in a very accomplished producer Orlando Zamora who was also our editor. From the start we had pre-production meetings so we could map out the overall vision from Jr. P and the Twinz and we took that vision and wrapped a production schedule around it and put a dollar amount to making the video a reality. Once we got the green light from the label we got to work securing all the equipment we needed through Orlando. Over all the process was quite smooth and on the day of the shoot as hectic as it was for the 12 hrs of shooting. It literally went off without a hitch. (Juan) It even went down to the last minute of shooting to get the final shot!

MFUSA: How did it get to the last minute what do you mean?
Juan & Jaime: (Juan) We have a budget that we needed to stick to and one of those items was the space we used to shoot the video. Once we started we had a timer running backwards on us. Once that timer reaches zero then, we would have to pay for any time we use over that time and sometimes depending on the location they can charge you for every minute over your allotted time. We took the video shoot down to the last seconds and then we had to be out of the space, it was a great feeling getting 24 hrs of shooting into a 12 hr day!

MFUSA: What can we expect from this video?
Juan & Jaime: (both) Girls, girls, and more girls… (Juan) No you can expect to see lots of energy, hot girls of course but not exploited, more celebrated as woman than objects. Look at the video several times we put a lot of detail into the video for you to see, creative details. I am not going to say what they are you will just have to find them and comment on them yourselves. We also wanted to make sure we represented Jamaica in the video since the artist is originally from Jamaica. We hope you like the video as much as we enjoyed making it and there is a great surprise at the end of the video for you.

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