Sloppishizzle Records is home to a multi-cultural and diverse family of artists and has fast become one of the most up and coming indie labels in the industry. It is comprised of SloppiShizzle Productions and 7 Prints Productions, and is in partnerships with Nativo. The roster boasts an array of talented artists
Chairman CEO Q Fortune
Q Fortune (born December 16th, 1971 in St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Island) is a savvy business executive who has worked in the past for an international sales organization as National Q/A Manager. Mr. Fortune is also responsible for guiding and securing a slot on the coveted “Reggae 2010” compilation album put out by Universal Music Canada, getting Jr. Pinchers 1st single off of his self titled 2nd album “Back Broke” on the 2010 album. He is responsible for signing and helping bring Tubb City, RichandFameus, and Jr. Pinchers into the digital age with the release (Jr. Pinchers) and future release of their iPhone/Google app platforms.
In 2006, Q Fortune began his first year as Chairman, Sloppishizzle Records. Corp. Sponsors continues to take sharp notice of his accomplishments. While nurturing the careers of SloppiShizzle Record’s core artist roster and bringing an array of new artists to the forefront, he has also aggressively guided the company into a future where the synergy of artists, music, video, new technologies, new business models, and a host of unforeseen marketing and promotion innovations are all being developed. A consummate business professional, Fortune’s allegiance to his artists is second to none, and he has achieved his goals in grand style.


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